Werewolf Novel THE TURNING By Micky Neilson

Werewolf Novel THE TURNING By Micky Neilson

Micky Neilson’s first full-length self-published horror novel, THE TURNING, breaks new ground as well as offers new twists in Werewolf mythology.

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This post has been a long time coming. My original idea (almost 2 years ago) was to feature authors and their works on dedicated pages. Unfortunately, I got sidetracked and the screamfix format changed a bit along the way. But I did contact Micky about featuring his book on the blog and it’s a go.

THE TURNING By Micky Neilson

The Turning book cover

One ship, 4,000 passengers, NO ESCAPE.

From Amazon:

Years ago Brandon Frye was bitten, cursed to transform into a primal killing machine under the light of the full moon… until he met Celine, who introduced him to experimental pills meant to suppress the turning.

Now, after a terrible tragedy has taken Celine’s life, Brandon boards a cruise ship bound for Alaska, intending to venture into the cold white north and never return.

But when Brandon meets Ginny, he gains a second chance at love. Nevertheless, circumstances align against him: a storm is building, a hunter is on his trail, and the pills that are meant to prevent the turning…

Are about to trigger it.

The Backstory…

From Micky:

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been fascinated with and frightened by werewolves. My friend Sam introduced me to The Howling (1981) when I was seventeen and once that film had its claws in me it just wouldn’t let go. Something about the raging, undeniable beast that lives within us all and is unleashed with the werewolf’s bite has spoken to me, and (I hope) speaks now to others through my writing.

The Turning breaks new ground and offers new twists in werewolf mythology, but in the end, the lesson is always the same. To quote my favorite werewolf film: “You can’t tame what’s meant to be wild.”

An excerpt from The Turning…

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. She stepped out into the open space and listened. The silence was absolute. She suddenly got the sensation of being completely alone, on some kind of derelict ghost ship. Her skin crawled. No… there was someone else on board. She could feel it. She didn’t know how she knew, but she knew.

With a sudden urgency, Ginny ran around the elevator banks to the other side, to the buffet seating area. The space was dark and empty, quiet and still. In fact, the entire ship was still. Shouldn’t it be moving? She ran through the dimness toward the sliding door that led out to the adult pool. The door was normally closed but now it was open.

There was light outside, bright and radiant. Ginny ran to the stairs leading to deck eleven and up, then over through a breezeway to the port side, and there, toward the bow, she saw it…

The moon. It was massive. Ginny knew of the optical illusion that occurred when the moon was near the horizon but this was beyond any trick of the eye. The moon felt as if it had drawn to within just a few miles of the Earth as if it were the eye of a child looking through a dollhouse window. It was imposing, and it radiated some kind of… sentience? Intelligence?

She ran to the railing and looked out. The water was glass, and the ship was at a complete stop in the dead calm. Nothing moved. No sound was made. But then, a noise. Back the way she came. She ran back to the breezeway and through, and then she heard the sound again, a clacking sound. She looked up and the moon had risen higher, impossibly high in the few seconds it had taken her to come this far, and there was a form silhouetted against it. Vaguely humanoid slumped and gangly, it took a few steps and Ginny realized that the clacking sound came from its feet… its claws clacking on the floor of the adult sunbathing deck.

THE TURNING is Available on AMAZON

About Micky Neilson…

Micky Neilson - author of The Turning

Micky Neilson is a two-time New York Times best-selling author whose graphic novels, Ashbringer (#2 on the list) and Pearl of Pandaria (#3) have both been published in six languages. As one of the first writers at Blizzard Entertainment, he has more than two decades of experience in the cutting edge of the gaming industry. He is currently working on a graphic novel, Rook, as well as a number of film projects. In 2016 Riverdale Avenue Press published his memoir Lost and Found: An Autobiography About Discovering Family, available wherever books are sold. He has also self-published his first full-length horror novel, The Turning, and its prequel, Whisper Lake, both available on Amazon. Most recently, Micky was tapped to write the comic book series The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen, a continuation of the beloved 1981 Joe Dante horror film The Howling.

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