Wanna Write for screamfix?

Wanna Write for screamfix?

Submit indie horror stories, news, interviews, and reviews. Sci-fi, dark fiction, and fantasy are also welcome. Read the submission guidelines.

screamfix Indie Horror Content Submission Guidelines

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Table of Contents

0. Introduction
1. Featured Image
2. Headline
3. Introductory Paragraph
4. H2 Heading
5. Main Content Image
6. Main Content
7. Images & Videos
8. Wrapping Up


This guide is not intended to hinder your creativity or originality. We encourage you to use your own voice and tone as long as it’s entertaining and positive. Our purpose here is to maintain the basic formatting of the site from post to post.

First point of order:
Please stay within the realms of indie horror, sci-fi, dark fiction & fantasy. If you’re unsure just ask 🙂

Regarding “content”:
We accept original stories, news & press releases from original sources, interviews, reviews or commentaries on movies, TV shows, books, magazines, comics & graphic novels, music, games, etc.

NOTE: We have a growing list of movies that need reviews – screeners available!

Regarding “entertaining”:
An informal approach as if you’re telling the story to a close friend is preferred. Passion for the genre tops professionally formatted journalism in our eyes.

Regarding “positive”:
Promote what you love don’t bash what you hate. It’s OK to have an opinion but don’t submit a story or write a review on something you didn’t enjoy.

We’re open to suggestions:
Do you have an idea? Pitch it to us! We’re super open-minded.


The headline of your post should be a short (about 60 characters or less) description of the content. No clickbait! It must be directly related to the content of your post. Do not write the entire headline in UPPERCASE LETTERS.

Introductory Paragraph

This 130-150 character paragraph containing your keyword is used to introduce your reader to the subject of your post. It will also be used for the description when your post is shared via social networks.

H2 Heading

This is something we’ll handle for SEO purposes to reiterate your title/subject.

Main Content

In the following sections we’ll touch upon Paragraph Styling and Grammar. Don’t worry, we’re not grammar Nazis here.

Paragraph Styling:
– Use left-justified text alignment;
– Don’t indent paragraphs;
– Please add a space between paragraphs.

As mentioned in the introduction we prefer an informal approach but informal does not mean sloppy. Please take time to spellcheck and incorporate at least some basic grammar skills. Consider installing the Grammarly extension to use as a guideline.

Feel free to use contractions as they invoke an informal, friendly tone. Emojis are also cool if they fit what you are writing but please keep them to a minimum. More than 2 in any post is crazy overkill.

Regarding abbreviations and acronyms:
The first time an abbreviation or acronym is used please spell it out in full followed by the abbreviation or acronym in parentheses. An example might be as follows:

First time write as Phillip K Dick (PKD). Any time thereafter it can simply be written as PKD.

Images & Videos

Regarding images:
We encourage the use of images and require at least two – the 600×300 featured image (displays above content), and the main content image that is no wider than 600px. This is often a movie poster, DVD, book, or comic book cover.

NOTE: If you don’t know how to crop/resize photos just let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Regarding videos:
If you need to include a trailer or short film in your post please include a link to YouTube or Vimeo and we’ll take care of it.

Wrapping up

Author attribution:
Include a brief one or two sentence author bio, links to your website and/or social networks, if desired, and small profile pic. Whatever you use for Facebook or Twitter is fine.

Before you hit submit:
– Make sure you’ve followed all the steps above.
– Review your work by reading it aloud – this will help identify mistakes.
– Consider running a spellcheck and/or installing Grammarly.
– Remember to attach images and/or links to videos.
– Don’t forget links to websites and/or social networks, if relevant.

Still wanna write for screamfix? Visit our SUBMISSIONS PAGE or email [email protected]

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