We Welcome User Generated Content

We Welcome User Generated Content

Share Indie Horror (sci-fi too) is what we do here at screamfix so accepting User Generated Content is the next phase for site evolution.

About User Generated Content

Technically, submissions have always been open to filmmakers, writers, comic book publishers, film companies, publicists, etc. We’ve even picked up a couple of screamfix-branded authors along the way in Karen & Vexxi.

Why push user-generated content? Our main goal is simple, straightforward, and transparent:

To Strengthen the Indie Horror Community

Contributor benefits include:

– Networking with like-minded indivals or groups

– Sharing knowledge with one another

– Drawing inspiration & motivation from each other

– Creating a pool of resources

– Support & collaboration

We believe this will help to increase personalization of the scream fix blog as well as encourage engagement. It will hopefully, in turn, build trust and of course further social reach for all involved.

How to help build the community…

Since this is all about user-generated content we’ll leave it up to you, the user, on how often you would like to contribute. We’ll also leave the subject of the content up to you as long as it fits within the realms of Indie Horror, Sci-fi, Dark Fiction, and Fantasy.

An exception to the rule might be a non-genre specific filmmaking or writing tutorial. Or a film/publishing industry article relevant to all, regardless of genre.

Here’s how to submit your content…

Use our Submission Form via JotForm;

Email content to [email protected];

Please read our Content Submission Guidelines. Otherwise feel free to:

– Promote your film, book, comic book, game, music, etc.;

– Share a movie clip, trailer, or short film;

– Submit a short story or poem;

– Show us your artwork and more…

Please note that it’s nearly impossible for us to accept all submissions. Also note that certain submissions don’t warrant a full blog post and will be filtered directly to our social networks.

If you’re interested in reviewing movies please visit Do You Review Horror Films?

In closing…

Please be sure to read the Content Submission Guidelines but don’t let it spook you. We have an editor standing by to fix grammar/formatting issues and/or to crop/resize images if you’re not familiar with the process.

I’m also available to answer questions and concerns via [email protected] so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

So yeah, let me extend a wicked awesome welcome to the community in advance \m/