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Yeah baby we dig free horror movies here on screamfix and you can’t go wrong with The Killer Movie Channel ROKU deal.

New Free Version of The Killer Movie Channel

The Great Alligator

The Great Alligator w/Barbara Bach is on The Killer Movie Channel.

According to the press release:

SGL Entertainment in association with Dark Star Records and dotstudioPRO are pleased to announce that they have just launched a new FREE Version of THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL.

Yep, this includes tons of Killer movies in the Horror, Sci-fi, Thriller Genre along with Comedies, Documentaries, Westerns and Music Videos. Other categories include Cult, Classics, and VHS.

To add the channel to your ROKU Lineup just go to KillerROKU or search for The Killer Movie Channel on your ROKU Box. It’s Totally FREE!

Aside from The Great Alligator pictured above you can catch some of these wicked cool flicks too:

If you’re looking for more great horror, exploitation and exclusive commercial-free unlimited content just subscribe to the premiere version HERE.

It’s only $3.99 a Month or $36.00 a Year after a 3-day free trial.

Will you be adding THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL to your ROKU Box? Are you already a subscriber? Tell us about it!

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