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Story review – The Voice in the Bush by Steven Deighan

This week I was introduced to the work of Steven Deighan, author of Things from the Past and Stages of Undress.

I had the pleasure of getting first look at his short story The Voice in the Bush and immediately decided I like this chap. His writing is intelligent and beautifully evocative, in this case capturing the magic and imagination of childhood. That might all sound rather charming but when young Sam Williams is taken to a football game by her father, she soon discovers that sunny afternoons can contain some very dark shadows. 

It’s an interesting point of view from which to take in the world. A child’s curiosity leads her away from the security of her father’s side. Her natural acceptance of strange new things allows a dark entity to draw her into a dangerous game and her innocence gives her a terrible power. 

The horror in this story is seductive and all the more disturbing for it’s use of a child’s good nature to pack the final punch.

I’ve taken a sneak peek inside his bold new novel and am genuinely excited to be reviewing that on release. In the meantime, check out his other work on Amazon.

Karen is a full time artist living in Whitby (perfect location for a horror fan). Her own monsters have taken over to the point where they actually have their own closet space and so she takes refuge in books and films, some of which she’d like to share with you.

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