Watch: SOUNDBITE – a Short Horror Film

Watch: SOUNDBITE – a Short Horror Film

Horror House Media launched a new short horror film on Halloween called SOUNDBITE, which was also used to launch their new horror channel Y on YouTube. Of course, I’m running behind, as usual, lol but here it is…

Horror House Media Presents SOUNDBITE

SOUNDBITE was co-written by Brantley J Brown & Michael Coulombe, and directed by Coulombe. The film was shot by Doug Frerichs, produced by Ray McCann, and edited/sound designed by Nicholas Basil. It stars Taylor Murphy-Sinclair as the Girl. Logline: A young lady stumbles upon a website that introduces her to a new song: Deathsong. But what happens when people listen to it? Tom McLoughlin who wrote and directed the film Friday the 13th, Part 6 had this to say about it: BRAVO !!!! That’s an EXCELLENT sequence! Scary, suspenseful and creepy as hell. I LOVE your choice of side CUs on the girl. It really plays into our imagination in the most cinematic way. The whole idea of being taken over by computer image and sound then smashed to death on said computer is brilliant. I’m truly wowed and I don’t say that much. You know the rules of good horror/suspense and you add something unique to it. Again, BRAVO!! SOUNDBITE movies poster

Learn more about SOUNDBITE: Website | IMDb

Yeah, I dig this. Great camera work – love the angles. Would be nice to see this as a full feature film. What did y’all think? Are you brave enough to listen to Death Song? Let me know in the comments below or across the screamfix networks…