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Scumdance Film Festival Wants Horror Movies

Scumdance Film Festival has opened its submission process for the 2018 festival season and is currently seeking horror feature films and shorts.

Scumdance Film Festival Submissions

Scumdance Film Festival

Scumdance is a one-day film festival that takes place on August 18, 2018. Genre filmmakers are encouraged to send in their most entertaining live-action, stop-motion, and animated films by the early bird deadline of May 31, 2018, . They are in search of feature films and shorts in the following areas:

Horror | Grindhouse | Splatter | Exploitation | Punk | Rock&Roll | Hot-Rod | Biker | Underground.

Last year at Scumdance, Black Cat won Best Feature with Red Christmas getting Runner-up while Hell! got Audience Favorite. Short films included My Ass is Bleeding 2, The Last Movie, Obsession, Shout at the Ground, The Gates of Hell, Dead Fuck, The Dark Hunger, Goddamn Sensitive Man, and The Weed Wacker Massacre (winner of best short).

Please send submissions via Film Freeway

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