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screamfix Update, Hiatus, Reader Suggestions

Do You Have Site Suggestions for screamfix During Our Short Hiatus?

Hey screamers sorry for the delay in posting new material. Unfortunately, I’ve (Dön) been down & out for a while with health issues. And recently diagnosed with the big “C” so I’m now handling that. Doing my best to keep up with the Facebook Group & Twitter so screamfix doesn’t fade away. I should be back in full force sometime after Dec 5th.

Wanna write for screamfix?

Enough of the “po, po, pitiful me” BS. I’m hoping to get some volunteer writers on staff to take some of the load off. I’ve got a couple of wicked awesome peeps interested in doing reviews and can always use more. Wanna review indie horror movies, books, comics, music or games for screamfix? You may also submit original short stories and/or press releases/news if you are the original source. Please email [email protected] for info.

What would you like to see more of on screamfix?

A blog is only as good as its readers/followers so let’s hear it. Aside from the articles & videos on the blog we also have links to Free & Legal Horror movies, books & poetry and hope to expand our Horror Network the screamLegion.

Everything on the site is pretty much what WE thought y’all might enjoy. Now we wanna hear what it is that YOU really wanna see. Don’t be shy, let us have it. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

Submit your feedback & suggestions HERE!

Looking forward to hearing from y’all. And don’t forget to interact with me personally on Twitter & the Facebook Group!

Wicked lover of indie horror. Author, composer, screenwriter, and web designer. Indestructible Navy veteran with a cybernetic heart and a metal head.