Review – Predators by Michaelbrent Collings

Review – Predators by Michaelbrent Collings

Brand spanking new horror for you this week with the release of Predators. 

Predators by Michaelbrent Collings
Now, before we go any further I will say that this book requires a bit of patience initially. There’s a lot of back story and scene setting to get through before things really kick off and had I been prepared for that and sitting comfortably as it were, I’d probably have enjoyed it a lot more. I’m glad I did stick with it as what follows is an exciting, visceral, inventive tale of survival in the most primal of settings but it takes a few detours before it gets there. If you’ve sat through the start of Tommyknockers you’ll have a pretty good idea of where we’re at.

A bit like my old lurcher, once the story sets off it really does tear along. Following Evie Childs, who already has experienced horror at the hands of her abusive husband, we set off on safari with a happy, excited bunch of tourists looking forward to a day out. Given the genre I’m not going to be spoiling anything by saying it’s not long before that all goes tits up when a bungled hijacking leaves Evie and a ragged band of survivors out on foot, braving the tooth and claw filled dark to find salvation.

Male authors writing female characters have come in for a lot of stick lately but I have to praise Michaelbrent for presenting us with real, honest, down to earth women who have thoughts as well as boobs. I shouldn’t have to say this but thank you dear author. It’s especially important in this book as the whole thing pivots on an epic battle between female survivors and the reigning queen of the hungry predators tracking them across the landscape. 

The story sidesteps again periodically but at this stage, it adds to the tale, developing the characters and informing their choices. We care about these women, we root for them to make it and so feel their horror of the alternatives. To get your paws on a copy, go stalk him on Written Insomnia.
Karen Ruffles

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