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Read the InferNoct: Trauma Report

Trauma Report, prequel to InferNoct

InferNoct, written by Mina Elwell w/art by Eli Powell, is a Lovecraftian horror miniseries coming from Scout Comics in 2017.

The series follows Sam as she discovers that the people of her town are being drained by mind-rending creatures who feed off of human sanity. It’s up to her to do something about it … if she can keep her grip on reality.

Each month leading up to the series launch the creators will release a prequel story w/art. screamfix is honored to be a part of this promotional process.

InferNoct preview cover

Below you will find the first of several reports created by a trauma site cleanup technician. Although at first glance this may appear to be the average paperwork of crime scene cleanup specialist, it will become evident that his particular area of expertise is more otherworldly…

InferNoct Trauma Report

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