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InferNoct #1 Available for Pre-Order

InferNoct #1 via Scout Comics Available for Pre-Order

InferNoct comic cover

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or are a very new reader) you know that we’ve been covering the upcoming release of InferNoct #1 since November 2016. Writer Mina Elwell & artist Eli Powell (w/color by Tristan Elwell) have published 9 “Trauma Reports” leading up to the Lovecraftian horror miniseries launch by Scout Comics next month.

Check out this page sample and read the Trauma Reports

InferNoct comic sample page

What’s the Story?


In the tradition of H.P. Lovecraft., there’s the InferNoct. As Sam attempts to discover the real reason the people of her town are being destroyed, she becomes aware of mind-rending creatures that feed off the sanity of their victims. It’s up to her to do something about it… if she can keep her grip on reality.

Sam is trying to turn her life around. Living in her tiny country town, she gets the only job she can, as an unofficial, untrained home care nurse. However, it soon becomes obvious that her new client was willing to accept an unusual caretaker because this is an unusual job. Sam begins caring for an old man who won’t sleep, doesn’t talk, and never turns off the lights, but there’s something else going on in the house at night.

Tell Your Local Comic Shop About InferNoct

Tell your local comic shop about InferNoct now and receive your copy in time for Halloween. Don’t know where your closest comic book store is located? Try this Comic Shop Locator Service.

As always we’ll keep you posted here on screamfix but you should also follow InferNoct on Facebook & Twitter.

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