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Gore Theatre Pre-Sales + Truth or Dare T-Shirt

SRS Cinema launches GORE THEATRE DVD-R & BD-R Pre-Sales plus you can grab a TRUTH or DARE unisex t-shirt.

Gore Theatre, Truth or Dare, and Other Updates

Gore Theatre poster

Presales for Tony Newton’s Gore Theatre on DVD ($14.95) & Blu-ray ($19.95) began on 04/05/2018. These are a limited edition and only 50 Blu-rays and 25 DVDs will be sold. Those discounted prices are during pre-sales only. Shipping is set for appx mid-May 2018.

View the trailer below:

The Butcher revels in his work, whether it is curating horror films with a high gore content, or making light work of his own victims. Welcome to the Butcher’s ‘Gore Theatre’, a nasty collection of macabre tongue-in-cheek gore flicks from directors across the globe. Explore the strange world of the butcher, from crazed clowns, vengeance, psychotic operations, demons and monsters, something for every gorehound! Roll up!

Grab your Blu-ray HERE and/or DVD HERE

Truth or Dare T-Shirt…

Truth or Dare t-shirt

This pre-shrunk short sleeve unisex t-shirt is made of thick heavy soft cotton. The neck and sleeves are double-stitched for added durability.

Snag yours HERE

Other SRS Cinema Updates…

HOUSE SHARK – campaign copies are shipping now.

THE VICIOUS SWEET Blurays are being replicating now and should be shipping around 4/23.

DEATH CASES all media arrives any day now and ships immediately.

Lets us know in the comments where you stand on all of this. Will you be preordering Gore Theater and/or buying the Truth or Dare T-Shirt?

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