WE KNOW YOU ARE HOME is a wicked creepy cool short Halloween horror film written & directed by Andrew J.D. Robinson. You’ll remember him as the creator of WorkObeyFilms, and the founder/festival programmer of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge.

We Know You Are Home by Andrew J.D. Robinson

We Know You Are Home

Alice hasn’t run out of candy… she’s run out of hiding places.

I included a two-minute teaser of this film titled Trick r’ Treat in my October review of Robinson’s The Becky Carmichael Fan Club if you’d like to check it out.

The particulars…

The film stars Julie Landriault with Johnny Elston, Ricky Elston, Daniel Elston, and Don Lee. FX are done by Alina Sauve, and music is provided by Kevin MacLeod, The Columbians, Twin Musicom, Wychdoktor, Tyler Matthews, and Lowercase Noises. Synopsis: After the tragic disappearances of three trick r’ treaters years ago, Halloween celebrations are at an all-time low. 20s-something Alice (Landriault) takes on a housesitting gig on All Hallows’ Eve, expecting easy money while watching horror movies, however, the last thing she was expecting was to have visitors. Did @AndrewJDRob1987 & @JulieLandriault just set the bar for #indiehorror #filmmaking in We Know You Are Home? Click To Tweet

My thoughts on the film…

This is a brilliant (and creepy) supernatural film dealing with a real-world issue – missing children. The aforementioned Trick r’ Treat teaser spoke volumes to me in two minutes. The additional 15 minutes in We Know You Are Home blew me away. Indie horror filmmaking (and storytelling) at its best, IMHO. The camera work, lighting & cinematography were excellent, and the sound definitely set the chilling & creepy tone. Robinson cleverly built suspense in each & every scene. The use of jump scares were not overbearing and only served to intensify Alice’s predicament. The FX, like the jump scares, are extremely without taking over a scene. And despite running only 17 minutes, the pace of the film is deliberate and never rushed. Taking nothing away from Robinson, I’m not sure the onscreen story would have been as effective without Julie Landriault at the helm. She was fantastic and believable. I haven’t seen many big budget A-listers pull off a performance this well. I truly felt her emotions and it made me believe that Alice would be going through therapy after this. So yeah kudos to Julie for sure. I really can’t go into much more detail without spoilers. I guess it’s cool mention the onscreen tribute to George A. Romero and Night of the Living Dead. Also, adding clips from the 1977 educational film Halloween Safety to the end credits was a wicked cool touch. In closing I’ll pose the question: “Did Andrew J.D. Robinson and Julie Landriault just set the bar for Indie Supernatural Horror filmmaking and storytelling in We Know You Are Home?”

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