Written & directed by Derek Braasch for Cheevies Film Productions, the short film MUTILATION MASSACRE is a low budget wonderfully delicious brutal 80s style revenge throwback flick.

Cheevies Film Productions Presents Mutilation Massacre

Mutilation Massacre DVD

Thanks for the DVD, Derek – You rock \m/

I was contacted by indie genre filmmaker Derek Braasch a while back after he had read my review of Anthony Cooney’s LEAF BLOWER MASSACRE 1 & 2. He liked what I had written and asked if I would review some of his films as well. Ah, the wonders of networking…

Derek was cool enough to send me several physical copies of his movies and the first one we’ll be looking at is Mutilation Massacre (2017). With that title, I shouldn’t need to tell you what you’re in for.

But yeah, from the DVD back cover:
Director Derek Braasch’s (Murder for Pleasure) latest bloodbath centers around the mystery behind a tortured girl in the woods. As the story unfolds in gory detail we begin to understand just how she got there.

The particulars…

Executive Producers of the film include Anthony Cooney, J.A. Dohm, John Janich, Patrick O’Sullivan, and Nate Troxel. It stars Joe DeBartolo (The Clown Dies at Midnight, Mentis) as Bruce, Pamela Bender (The Clown Dies at Midnight) as Stepanie, our victim, and Sara Jane Sliazas (Killer Claus) as the teenage Stephanie.

The film also features music from two Chicago-based death metal bands – Elbow Deep and Legions of Raum. In fact, as soon as you pop in the DVD and the animated options screen appears you’re treated to some wicked sweet jams. If I’m not mistaken the band briefly featured in the film’s club scene is Elbow Deep.

Mutilation Massacre options screen

I dig the brutal yet artistic DVD cover art. If the title of the movie doesn’t give you a clue then the cover should. A bound woman with exposed guts and an ax buried in her throat. hmmm? What do you think? Oh, and the aforementioned animated options screen is pretty cool too. What options are available, you ask? Scene selections are always convenient but check out these extras:

– 2 Mutilation Massacre trailers

– Mentis trailer

– Don’t Pull Out trailer

– Leaf Blower Massacre 2 trailer

– Murder for Pleasure trailer

– The Icing trailer

– Mutilation Massacre photo gallery

– Mutilation Massacre behind the scenes

Derek Braasch's MUTILATION MASSACRE is a low budget wonderfully delicious brutal 80s style revenge throwback flick! Click To Tweet

My take on the film…

Mutilation Massacre opens with a wide shot of our whimpering wounded victim, Stephanie. She’s helplessly tied to a tree at the edge of the woods. It’s a night shot and for a low budget film, looks amazing IMHO. Kudos to the lighting and I’m not sure what camera was used but great job. I’ve viewed bigger budget films that were often too dark to follow what was going on.

Just as a lumbering shadow moves in, the scene changes to that of a mother reading a story to a little girl. Flashback! Yep, the creepy dream sequence soundtrack and echoey voices make that immediately evident. Returning to the forest a large mountain of a man holding a knife approaches Stephanie. We’ll call him Bruce cuz yeah that’s his name. Then a birthday party flashback – then back to the forest then…

This goes on for a bit but is necessary to set up the backstory. Plus it’s a pretty cool idea cuz it’s kinda like Stephanie’s life is flashing before her eyes, right? So yeah more kudos. Oh, and Bruce begins to brutally torture Stephanie during all of this so there’s that. What’s more, he seems to know her and is doing this for a reason but she appears clueless.

Bruce: “You’re making this harder on yourself. You could have just come clean and I could have made this nice and quick. But you have to be stubborn about it and since you’re not, we will be getting to know each other better.” Bruce walks off screen returning with a … *gulp … handsaw. “I brought something to help you remember”. Needless to say, Stephanie cries and begs hysterically. Pretty cool practical FX follow.

More flashbacks. But a changeup this time around. We now see the past as Bruce tells his tale. He knows everything about Stephanie and wow! She’s a totally heartless psycho bitch. But it’s all good cuz we get to watch her pull off some wicked cool kills in all their gory glory. As the story unfolds, it’s quite clear why Stephanie has found herself in this predicament. You may even throw Bruce a couple of kudos by the time his done. Oh yeah, look for the nod to Cooney’s Leaf Blower Massacre in one of the story flashbacks.

The acting in the film was pretty much on par with what you would expect from an 80s style low budget throwback. But I never worry too much about that. Hell, Brad Pitt’s performance at the end of Fincher’s 33M production of SE7EN made Z grade actors look like Oscar winners hahaha

Pamela Bender as Stephanie whimpered, cried, and begged pretty darn good and her small bits of dialogue were delivered well. The fake coughing didn’t work for me but fuck it I came for the blood. Joe DeBartolo as Bruce did what he was supposed to do – torture Stephanie and tell his story. Sara Jane Sliazas as teenage Stephanie wasn’t super convincing until she became the emotionless psycho bitch in Bruce’s story. Yeah, that was on point.

All in all Derek Braasch packed a ton of story and brutality into a 20-minute package with additional features to boot. I enjoyed the storyline that accompanied the bloodbath. Sure, it was over the top, maybe ridiculous to a certain extent, but it wasn’t mindless splatter. If you dig 80s style slashers or 90s SOV you’ll probably dig Mutilation Massacre. I fucking loved it \m/

Check out the trailer:

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