Film review, Black Fly

Film review, Black Fly

This week I review the indie horror film BLACK FLY which is based on true events. Find out why… ‘Sometimes you shouldn’t go home.’

Written and directed by Jason Bourque, Black Fly follows Jake – a young man escaping his abusive uncle, who seeks refuge with his older brother and partner in an old farmhouse on an isolated island. Safe refuge, right ? Miles from anywhere, cut off from the outside world….yep, this is going where you are thinking. But maybe not in the way you expect it to get there. 

It starts off slowly, setting the scene – there’s a lot of talking, almost as much beer drinking and a fair amount of people looking thoughtful surrounded by trees and water. Just when you start thinking that might be all that’s happening, the simmering tensions in the film erupt as, driven by events past and present, the characters are brought into violent conflict. For Jake, trapped on the island, this means an increasingly desperate fight for survival.

Black Fly builds consistently – the performances by actors Matthew MacCaull, Dakota Daulby and Christie Burke are all emotive and authentic, without overplaying the inherent drama. The score and cinematography are spot on, turning a slow burning atmosphere into a powerful conclusion. Indie horror isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea but I think this film has much wider appeal. It’s a well crafted thriller that’s not afraid of the dark. 

Black Fly is available on Amazon Prime, XBox and Vudu.
Karen Ruffles

Karen is a full time artist living in Whitby (perfect location for a horror fan). Her own monsters have taken over to the point where they actually have their own closet space and so she takes refuge in books and films, some of which she’d like to share with you.