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Emir Skalonja’s SAVAGE Blu-ray is Going Fast via SRS Presale

SRS Cinema Limits SAVAGE Blu-ray Release to Only 100 Copies

Presales began a few days ago on Emir Skalonja’s stark “cannibals in the apocalypse” gore flick, SAVAGE. This release from SRS Cinema is on Blu-ray only and limited to only 100 copies. And they’re going fast so don’t wait!

Emir Skalonja’s SAVAGE

Written by Krystal Shenk & Emir Skalonja and directed by Skalonja the film brings a brutal cannibal take on the apocalypse. Shot in B&W in part with key parts within shots at times having color. This creates a unique, gritty feel – art house horror at it’s best.

The cast includes Jacob Hodgson, John Karyus, Fattie King, Cassie Klahn, Bethann Kosowski, Adam Litton, Kira Meyer, Lori Dolan Meyer, Kara Robbins, Rich Ruiz, and Jimi Voelker.

Here’s the trailer:

Plagued with constant warfare, disease, political, social and religious turmoil, the world as we know it ended in 2019. Many turned to cannibalism to survive in the world dying off due to famine. One man treks the wastelands to track down the group of cannibals who took everything from him. With dangers lurking at every turn, his character and will to survive is tested beyond limits.

Pre-order your copy of SAVAGE from the SRS Store

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