Creepy Trailer for Short Horror/Thriller TAKEN FROM ME

Creepy Trailer for Short Horror/Thriller TAKEN FROM ME

Halloween might be over, but the scares are not; the trailer for the short horror/thriller TAKEN FROM ME has been released. Shot with a cast and crew of Chicago locals in the spirit of true indie filmmaking. Tons of wicked cool stuff coming out of Chicago. jes sayin’.

White Belt Films Presents Taken From Me

Taken From Me

Taken From Me was written & directed by Adam Salinas who self funded the project, saving money from bartending, and working on the script is his free time. When asked about the challenges of production, Salinas recalls it all fondly…

“There was an intense sleet storm the first night when we were supposed to shoot the exterior scene, so we were forced to shuffle the schedule around. This ended up working out for the best since we moved most the dialogue scenes to day one. Overnight shoots can be brutal for cast and crew. I think it made it easier for the actors to land their lines while still fresh. Moments like these on set could have sent everything crashing around us. I’m just lucky to have had such hardworking, passionate and positive people determined to get this made.”


What makes this short special? When asked, Salinas says…
“I think it’s a creepy view on what some people will do for a loved one. I think everyone likes the suspense of the game ‘Pick a door’…except there’s only one door, it’s at the end of a pitch black hallway, and there are strange sounds coming from it.”

The film stars Marcus D. Moore as the victim of a home invasion robbery who supernaturally turns the tables on his assailants, played by Josh Greiveldinger and Joel Reitsma. Cassi Schiano co-stars. A quick summary:
A home-invasion robbery quickly goes awry when it turns out the man of the house has been using some very dark magic after the death of his wife. 9:38, 2019

Actress Schiano, puts the short in the context of the genre, saying…
“I think we were able to take a classic horror story–bringing a loved one back from the dead–and put our own spin on it. In most of these stories, the dead becomes undead and remains a zombie. Here, we are able to bring the wife back to humanity and she’s on her way back to her original form–we just need to spill a lot of blood first.”

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