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Chuck Dixon is Co-Founder of Cautionary Comics | screamfix
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Chuck Dixon is Co-Founder of Cautionary Comics

Chuck Dixon is Co-Founder of Cautionary Comics

Here’s some wicked awesome news – Chuck Dixon and Benjamin L Henderson are the New Dynamic Duo of Comics with the creation of CAUTIONARY COMICS.

Chuck Dixon & Benjamin L Henderson – Cautionary Comics

Ravage: Kill All Men

Artwork from Cautionary Comics RAVAGE: KILL ALL MEN

Welcome to the New School Of Comic Books!

We first touched base on Cautionary Comics HERE just prior to the release of RAVAGE: KILL ALL MEN. Go read that article to learn more about the comic and to learn about Benjamin L Henderson’s vision.

Now we’re happy to pass on that legendary comic book writer, Chuck Dixon has joined Henderson as the co-founder of Cautionary Comics. You may remember Dixon from his work on Marvel Comic’s The Punisher and DC Comics Batman, Robin, and Nightwing. He is also the co-creator of Bane!

The duo have already crushed the funding goal for RAVAGE: KILL ALL MEN by raising over $43,000 on Indiegogo… and they are just getting started. Here’s a quick summary if you didn’t click through to read my original article above:

RAVAGE: KILL ALL MEN tells the story of two Army Veterans who crash in a mystical jungle populated by a lost tribe of Warrior Women who hunt men and kill them. The men must escape, adapt to survive, or die trying.

Cautionary Comics was created from Benjamin L. Henderson’s philosophy of creating comic books based on Story, Character, Action, and Fun alone. Learn more by visiting:

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter