Film review – The Devil’s Candy

‘We are his pawns, we are his demons on Earth.’

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Film review – The Lighthouse (2016)

‘This island does not want us here. Before this beacon was built, she took hundreds of lives. Perhaps she is still hungry.’

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Leaf Blower Massacre

Anthony Cooney’s LEAF BLOWER MASSACRE 1 & 2 are wicked good time throwbacks to no-budget 70s and 80s slasher films with hints of classic 90s SOV.

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Short Film Review: Night Terrors

Night Terrors

Dave McAbee’s award-winning horror short film NIGHT TERRORS featuring Laurene Landon plays like a full-length feature film fit into a small package.

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Film Review: HECTIC KNIFE – A Troma Release

Hectic Knife

HECTIC KNIFE is a surrealistic, nonsensical, cliché exploitative, wicked cheezy good time film that has absolutely no problem poking fun at itself.

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