Book review – Oddjobs by Heide Goody and Iain Grant

Oddjobs was another accidental discovery late one night while looking for something to entertain my own monsters long enough for me to get some sleep. I was after silly, nothing I’d get too engrossed in, but as I realised when I was several chapters in and still awake, this book had a lot more going on than I’d expected and deserved to be shared.

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Review – Twisted Tales from Tornado Alley

This week I am delighted to bring you Stuart West’s latest offering, a collection of amusing horror shorts taking a wry look at the American Midwest.

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Review – Predators by Michaelbrent Collings

Brand spanking new horror for you this week with the release of Predators.  Now, before we go any further I will say that this book requires a bit of patience initially. There’s a lot of back story and scene setting to get through before things really kick off and had I been prepared for that … Read moreReview – Predators by Michaelbrent Collings

Nosleep Podcast – Penpal 1

After two months of the hottest summer I can remember, the first cool day inspired happy thoughts of autumn and I decided to go in search of some suitably spooky listening to accompany my drawing.

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Book review – The Demonic, by Lee Mountford

This week, we join Danni Morgan as she returns to her childhood home to lay her father (and some very unpleasant memories) to rest.

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