Book review – The Mark by Lee Mountford

Book review – The Mark by Lee Mountford

Some nice shiny new horror this week with the latest from author Lee Mountford. 

The Mark by Lee Mountford

As with his other work, this is classic, does what it says on the tin stuff and nicely done. It sits on the story, if you’re a fan of get-on-with-it action movies, this will work very well for you – if you prefer something more character driven bear with because it regularly drops into more atmospheric creepiness. 

We start with Kirsty Thompson, a woman still dealing with a traumatic past and her down to earth best friend Amanda. When Kirsty is drugged and attacked at home, she wakes to find a symbol cut into her back. As she tries to make sense of who would do that and why, she starts having frightening visions and it becomes clear that it’s more than just a mark. Somehow, the symbol has bound something very dark to her and she must find out what it means before whatever is now hunting her catches up. 

In terms of the horror content, we have a satanic cult, more troubled past, supernatural horrors and some good creeping dread. It’s nicely paced, layers are added as the story rattles along and the book wraps up with a very satisfying conclusion. To get a copy to keep you up at night, visit Lee Mountford‘s website.