Artsploitation Films Gets A TASTE OF PHOBIA

Artsploitation Films Gets A TASTE OF PHOBIA

Artsploitation has acquired the U.S. and Canadian rights to EuroObscura’s A Taste of Phobia. So what’s your phobia? Maybe it will pop up in this new DVD and VOD release.

Artsploitation Films Acquires EuroObscura’s A Taste of Phobia

A Taste of Phobia cover

Artsploitation has acquired the U.S. and Canadian rights to EuroObscura’s A Taste of Phobia. This harrowing horror anthology was created by 14 international directors. It was produced by Vestra Pictures and Enchanted Architect in collaboration with Trash Art Pictures. The film is scheduled for DVD and VOD on May 22, 2018.

Presented in 14 unnerving segments, this film delves into some of the weirdest and wildest phobias, each with its own bloody twist. The phobias (and directors) featured are:

Caetophobia (Fear of Hairs) Lorenzo Zanoni, Alessandro Sisti (Italy)
Pharmacophobia (Fear of Medication) Chris Milewski (USA)
Partenophobia (Fear of Virgins) Alessandro Redaelli (Italy)
Coprophobia (Fear of Feces); Jason Impey (UK)
Mysophobia (Fear of Germs) Poison Rouge (Italy)
Mazeophobia (Fear of Mazes); Dustin Ferguson (USA)
Astrophobia (Fear of Stars) Alessandro Giordani (Italy)
Mageirocophobia (Fear of Cooking) Domiziano Cristopharo (Italy)
Gerascophobia (Fear of Ageing) Rob Ulitski (UK)
Politicophobia (Fear of Politics) Jackson Batchelor (UK)
Somniphobia (Fear of Sleep) Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein (USA)
Oneirophobia (Fear of Dreams) Sam Mason Bell (UK)
Nyctophobia (Fear of the Night) Sunny King (Nigeria)
Hemophobia (Fear of Blood) Davide Pesca (Italy)

A Taste of Phobia movie still

“As someone with a high number of phobias myself — fear of ceiling fans and hotel remotes to name just two — I was hesitant to watch A Taste of Phobia. But after 90 minutes of seeing people traumatized, institutionalized and dying from their fears, I felt much better,” said Artsploitation President, Raymond Murray. “It’s a cinematic colonic for a sick mind and a must for Artsploitation fans.”

“We are proud that Artsploitation will be releasing this great and scary horror movie in the U.S.,” said Marco Magni, international sales representative for EuroObscura. “I’m sure that the fans of horror movies in America will enjoy it and will also be surprised to learn about the more strange and terrifying kind of phobias that exist in the world.”

Watch the trailer:

The producers of the film are Domiziano Cristopharo, Tony Newton, and Sam Mason Bell with music by Antriksh Bali

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