About screamfix

About screamfix

So, You Wanna Know About screamfix, Huh?

screamfix began on a dark and stormy night…

OK well, it’s not all that dramatic. We’re just a father-daughter team (DC & Donna Harrison) that loves horror, sci-fi & fantasy. One day we looked at each other and said, “Hey, we both love horror, sci-fi & fantasy. We should share that love with the entire Universe.” And that’s pretty much how screamfix was spawned.

Donna is a people person who now spends most of her time interacting in the real world. She is however still very much involved in the creative development of screamfix.

DC is a longtime music business professional and web consultant currently transitioning into film and self-publishing. He is a backer of horror, sci-fi & fantasy crowdfunded projects and has recently received a producer credit. Learn more about DC Harrison by visiting his LinkedIn and IMDb profiles.

The screamfix mission…

Quite simply our primary focus is to share & promote indie horror, sci-fi & fantasy stuff. That’s it. Filmmakers, writers, comic book & graphic novel publishers, artists, musicians, game developers, etc., we want to share & promote your stuff – visit our Submissions Page.

Our mission statement might be something along the lines of:

“Promoting creators of indie horror, sci-fi & fantasy by feeding rabid horror, sci-fi & fantasy fans”

Horror, sci-fi & fantasy fans unite…

We encourage the fans to be a part of this too. So yeah let us know what you’re into. We wanna know about your favorite films, books, comic books & graphic novels, games, music, etc. Be sure to comment on blog posts and Contact Us with your feedback and/or suggestions.

Don’t forget to follow and interact with us on Twitter, join our Facebook Group, and follow our boards on Pinterest.

The screamfix staff…

As co-founder and editor-in-chief, DC handles most of the writing here at screamfix but is always on the lookout for site contributors. View all posts by DC Harrison.

Show some wicked love to our current regulars below:

Karen Ruffles and Stephen

Karen Ruffles of Drawing In Dark fame (pictured above with her creation, Stephen) is a welcome addition to the screamfix family. She does a wicked awesome job of helping us cover horror book reviews, author interviews, and an occasional film review. View all posts by Karen Ruffles.

You should also ‘like’ her Facebook Page and follow her on Twitter.

Vexxi Nexxis

Vexxi is dark, mysterious, and wicked crazy creepy cool. While she prefers to remain in the shadows she does enjoy covering indie horror, sci-fi, exploitation & cult film news for screamfix. View all posts by Vexxi.

You can also follow her on Twitter

Joining the screamfix family…

Wanna write for screamfix? We’re always looking for writers & reviewers and open to content suggestions. Plus Karen & Vexxi will welcome your company.

Contact Us if interested or view our Submissions Page.

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